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Seller Financing - Everything You Need to KnowSeller Financing - Everything You Need to Know
In the real estate industry, when it comes to financing residential real estate, most people love to play it safe. We tend to follow the “normal”, traditional method. The seller finds the buyer and checks whether the buyer qualifies for a mortgage with the required income, employment history, and a good credit score. If everything goes smoothly, the lending institute puts up the money to finance the deal.
November 4, 2022
7 Easy Ways to Sell Your NH House fast!7 Easy Ways to Sell Your NH House fast!
Covid-19 has unsettled lives; the pandemic upended livelihoods and disturbed life plans, resulting in stress, anxiety, and uncertainty in many economic areas. One sector that suffered the least from the pandemic was real estate. According to New Hampshire Housing, 2022 was a rocky start but demand increased as people searched for spaces more suitable for remote work and learning. Property prices in New Hampshire soared at a record pace to hit record highs.
September 28, 2022

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